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I attended a concert on the 16th of November at 7:30 in the evening at the Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building to watch the Northwest Jazz and Studio Jazz Ensembles perform. Both ensembles performed a variety of songs generally under the jazz genre, featuring artists studied in the course, including Duke Ellington, Count Basie and George Gershwin. Some of the songs performed by the ensembles included “La Almeja Pequena,” “Count Me In,” “Rockin’ In Rhythm,” and “I’ve Got a Crush on You.” Although there were many diverse styles played throughout the concert, many songs performed are from the Tin Pan Alley, jazz or swing genres, all of which became popular between 1930 and 1950. The songs performed by the Northwest Jazz and Studio Jazz Ensembles can collectively be classified as big band era music, including polyphonic textures, complex rhythmic structures and collective improvisation, the start of a new age of American popular music. The Northwest jazz ensembles featured songs both under Dixieland jazz and swing genres. Using a combination of the improvisational, small band qualities of jazz with big band swing allowed listeners to experience both genres of music, clearly displaying the similarities they share. A distinguishing feature in Dixieland jazz is the separation of the “front line” (instruments such as the cornet, clarinet and trombone) and “rhythm section” (instruments such as the piano and drums). Similarly, it is noticeable in Dixieland jazz is that each

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