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“You are going to be a doctor” said he to an 8 y old me. I stared at him, wondering what made him say so. The little girl didn’t know whether he was just being playful or he actually believed that. But the thought lingered and years later sometimes I wonder if that harmless exchange was the first push that set me on path of medicine.
I love Mother Nature. I love plants, I love animals and I love Humans. Especially the humans, they are so complex yet so simple. And somehow this paradox continues when it comes to biology - human body, so complex yet so simple. It intrigues me, fascinates me and ignites a passion inside me to understand it better. And that is the reason I have chosen internal medicine as my career for life.

By the way, in first few lines, ‘he’ refers to a beloved teacher. Being from a small town where everybody knew everybody, our interactions were not limited to school. More often than not, we used to go to his home where he used to regale us with entertaining yet insightful stories. Looking back, I realize that his efforts have inculcated in me the significance of hard work, duty to give back to community and importance of sticking to moralities and ethics in life, no matter what. Learning as a student and then working as an intern in one of the largest hospitals in India entailed an incessant problem solving attitude, constant vigilance, and analytical skills.
In last year of medical school, all of us were juggling with a difficult choice – continue…

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