What I Believe About My Thought Process

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Leslee McCrohan What I found to be true in my thought process, in both cases of the negative and the positive , is to use the self talk. I believe everyone uses the self talk to some degree or another. This self awareness helps keep me grounded. Although I do worry about things, it tends to be things that are usually not in my control. This will often lead to self doubt. One of the ways I divert around the worry is to give to God and let him take care of it for me. In the last few years I have been in the process of figuring out that being positive in life is much better for me, my family, and also friends. I can 't say I don 't have negative situations; however, I learn to deal with them better. I have discovered that my thoughts dictate how I react to everyday life situations. I would define stress as a build up of an emotional and overwhelming feeling. This can cause a flight or fight reaction. I absolutely do have times of stress in my life that leads me to feel out of control and essentially freak out. Another thing that happens when I get stressed is I want to just sleep it away. When I do sleep, I don 't have to deal with it. In the process of reviewing my journal for past three days, I noticed that about sixty percent of the stress is brought on myself and forty percent is outside influences. For example, sometimes helping a friend with a problem tends to become part of the stress in the process. However, I have learned that being there for others
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