What I Call Home?

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What I call Home
My mother was wearing a solid, warm, yellow, Tommy Hignifer blouse, paired with a black floral printed skirt, and black Garbo sandals. I needed to also dress up because my mom said it was out of respect when going to church. We were not to wear jeans, t-shirts, gym shoes, or anything that was not considered professional business attire. Clothes was not the only strict rule we had, but also time and planning. My mom told me to always plan everything around Mass. She would say to me, “nothing is as important than being able to be in the present of God.” To my family, that was the only time to be present with God, so missing mass would mean we missed our time being with Him.
After going to mass all nine years of my life, I was able to recite the structure of mass like the back of my hand. I enter with a clear mind and open heart to God, as I put my fingers into a basin of holy water, gently wetting my forehead and continue, making the sign of the cross. Then, I walk up to the front row, genuflecting, making the sign of the cross again, next to the oak pew, I was about to sit in. Readings and psalms happen thereafter, and then we stand up to listen to the Gospel, which is the word of God. Once the priest is done reading, we would all sit back down and he would give a sermon, teaching all of us what is important about what was said in the Word of God. After we heard God’s message, we were prepared to take the body and blood of Christ. When it was my turn to…
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