What I Chose Electrical Engineering

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Well here it is, the senior project. The assignment everyone dreads, however, the assignment that must be completed in order to graduate. With that in mind, I have been giving much thought and research into what I want to accomplish after high school, and I believe that I have found a career that I will enjoy, a college I wish to attend, and a location I would like to live in. No plan is ever perfect, but my hope is that I can be prepared for the future which is approaching rapidly. First things first, I chose electrical engineering as my career, mostly in my interest of computers and physics. As an electrical engineer I’ll design, develop, test, and maintain electrical and electronic devices; use computers and engineering software to…show more content…
Farnsworth (T.V). The design, construction and manufacturing of useful devices and systems began with the implementation of Michael Faraday’s Law, one of the fundamental laws in electrical engineering, that states that the voltage in a circuit is proportional to the rate of change in the magnetic field through the circuit (www.livescience.com “What is Electrical Engineering?” by Jim Lucas) I chose electrical engineering for several reasons. One, I like to investigate stuff and figure out how it all works, and I have always had an interest in computers which function on electricity. I also love subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, and Trigonometry. I began considering engineering last year when I took an elective, Intro to Engineering, it was comprised of hands-on projects that I worked on and tried to make work. I loved the hands on approach it was fun and I learned a ton of useful skills and information. As for picking the electrical part, that was as simple. Ever since I was little I have loved computers I used them mostly for video games, but I was always curious as to their inner workings. I have had the enlightening experience of building my own personal computer from scratch. I went out bought the parts and carefully, as to not damage the delicate parts, put it together, installed my operating system, and now enjoy my own computer. This only made me more interested as to how all
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