What I Chose For This Outsider Assignment

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The location I chose for this outsider assignment was one of Lewis University’s Rotaract meetings. Rotaract is the collegiate level of Rotary Club, a non-profit organization whose motto is “Service above self”. The club itself, both collegiate and adult level, dedicates its time and resources towards a wide variety of charitable acts. The meeting I went to was not an informative meeting, rather it was one of the many charity events that the group hosts year round. When I went, the event was called “Purposeful Purses” and it was taking the time to fill gently used purses with toiletries and some basic necessities in order to donate them to women’s shelters. Generally, such an event would seem like an odd location to conduct this outsider assignment, however, my reason for wanting to be there to see if I would feel like an outsider was influenced by a previous event that occurred a few months before. I am actually a member of Rotaract and was inducted into the club a few months prior. At the event, I became hyper-aware of the fact that I was the only racial minority being inducted that night. I was highly conscious of the fact that all of the collegiate Rotaract inductees, their families, the adult Romeoville Rotary club, the guest speakers, and the faculty were White. The only other minority groups in the room were the staff serving the food. Despite these circumstances, I would have never really felt like an outsider until I was spoken to like one. Even then, that took a

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