What I Did A Stunt On It Was The Ultimate Legacy, Right?

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When I asked for questions from the Hallmark fans, she was the only one who came to me with a question. I can hardly believe that anyone had a question for me. {laughs} I knew it was a long shot to ask for questions since you 're a supporting cast member, but I am so glad she stepped up and asked because she is such a huge fan of all the Chicago shows. That 's so awesome and just so flattering. It was a killer experience, and I learned a ton on set. It was the first show I ever did a stunt on. It was a minor one, but it was totally a different world. Your first Hallmark thing was The Ultimate Legacy, right? Yes, that was the first film I did for them. We had watched the first two, and my mom is a big fan of the franchise. And of…show more content…
Oh yeah, they had a bunch of announcements that came out last month. They 're doing like ninety films this year. But according to all the statistics, I was amazed to see that they had grown by like thirty percent last year when other networks were losing viewers. It used to not be cool to admit that you watch Hallmark, but now it 's becoming acceptable. Yeah, it 's a thing. And what 's neat about the ones that you have been in is that they are on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel which means they are not the simple romantic comedies. They have a bit more drama to them. Yes, I think you might say they 're more plot-driven. Yes, very much. Now JL Ranch--that had to be an experience. That was amazing! That was a bucket list for me, you know? That was super cool. To get to work with Jon Voight--that was amazing. I mean Jon Voight! {laughs} All I could think of was the episode of Seinfeld about Jon Voight 's pencil where George buys a used car because the previous owner was named Jon Voight, and there was a pencil in it with tooth marks, and he carries it around telling everyone that it 's Jon Voight 's pencil. And it ends up being Jon Voight, the dentist. That 's all I could think about every time I saw him. I 've just got to get a pencil! {laughs} I didn 't do it though. He was awesome. He was such a kind and giving actor. People wanted to talk to him all the time. So to pull him away and go, "Hey, Jon Voight, can we run these lines a

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