What I Did At Starpoint School It Changed For Privacy Reasons

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From the short observation I did at Starpoint School it seems that Alexandria (name changed for privacy reasons) is developing at the same rate as her classmates, give or take a few activities or tasks. This whole classroom of twelve students whom are between six and eight years of age are typically developing alongside other groups of children I have come into contact with around the same age groups. Alexandria’s motor skills seem to be what one would consider normal for her age. When playing outside, she was running and jumping all around the play sets and throwing balls towards other classmates in a game that most of the children were engaged in. When throwing the ball, she was, for the most part, accurate on the technique of throwing a ball and on the location she wanted the ball to ultimately land in or at. While being able to throw the ball she is also showing that she knows how to balance her weight so she doesn’t fall over when releasing the ball from her hands. At Alexandria’s age showing good balance use is key for maintaining her developmental growth, since balance goes hand in hand with a lot of physical activities and tasks. When inside the classroom, Alexandria has many opportunities to work on her motor skills. We know that typically in middle childhood boys tend to exceed in gross motor development compared to girls. Whereas, girls tend to exceed in fine motor skills compared to boys (Ashford & Lecroy, 2013). Alexandria can especially practice her fine

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