What I Did This Semester?

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This semester was a whirlwind of take-home essays, FRQs, and AP exam preparation. As a result, my writing saw some moments that were better than others. Out of all of the FRQs and essays that I completed this semester, my favorite is probably FRQ number nine, which was an argument with sources that debated the use of technology in schools. I think that this work is my favorite because even though it was written in only forty minutes, which meant that it lacked the time that I put into take home essays, I was able to synthesize all of the sources and craft an essay that I was proud of. Also, It gained me my second eight plus score, which is the closest I have ever gotten to a nine. Continuing along in the same vein, my least favorite writing this semester is FRQ number eight, which was an argumentative essay without sources that discussed adversity and its effects. When we were given the choice to choose between two FRQs to decide which one would be graded, I did not choose this FRQ. As I read through it I felt that it was unnecessarily vague in many places, contained examples that either weren’t utilized to their full potential or were overused. All things considered, this FRQ would have fit better in semester one, where I was still learning to grasp the concept of writing an essay in forty minutes. That I produced it this semester, when I had finally gotten the knack down, was embarrassing. Even though I love to write, I don’t do it often enough. I tend to burn myself

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