What I Did You Make It Do That?

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“How did you make it do that?” The paper plane looped in the sky, dogfighting with enemy leaves. My third grade teacher watched alongside me, astounded. The plane performed an emergency landing, and I ran to repair the aircraft. Looking at the blueprint I drew up, I adjusted the weight mechanisms, and realigned the wings. It took off again, performing victory acrobatics for the onlookers. “Tyree, you should be an engineer.”
“You have great hands, you will make a great factory worker.” I looked down at my hands, which held the bridge that granted me acceptance into a pre-engineering high school. The likelihood of achieving my goals increased. I thought my adviser would be excited, but I guess not. “What black engineer do you know?” My classmates in pre-engineering teased and bullied me for multiple reasons: my family’s income, my different mindset, and their favorite, my race. Although I knew several engineers, and many of the teachers in the pre-engineering program are practicing engineers, none of them looked like me. This career is not made for me. I dropped pre-engineering and studied art at my district high school. “Are you sure you’re in the right class? This is AP Physics.” Engineering was no longer my dream, but I still loved mathematics and physics. I maintained high grades in advanced level courses within these disciplines, while learning painting and three dimensional modeling. I spent half the school day in the office, having to get
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