What I Didn 't Get A Habit Or Addiction?

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How many times have you wished to stop a habit or addiction and every time you promised to never do it again. I have, so many times I’ve lost count. I have tried to say no to those cookies or something as simple as how late I fell asleep. Yet, I was unable to say no to G². A drug, an addictive drug, where I psychologically and physically became dependent. Footsteps echoed through the pitch black room, cold sweat trickled down my nose, my hands itched from the rope which tied my hands to a metal chair, and my body shook with such an uncontrollable speed. I wanted more. I didn’t understand what I wanted, but everything around me was useless, I didn’t want more. No, I needed more. When suddenly, I had felt something press into my arm. That was it. I felt incredible, the begging stopped, and I enjoyed the euphoria which I so desperately wanted minutes ago. A piercing light hit my eyes once I awoke. Staggering onto my feet, unable to catch my balance. I fell and hit the blackness once again. Where was I? I realized I was alone in a ten by eleven foot room built off of dingy wood and it smelt of food long gone rotten. I slowly stood up and carefully made my way to the exit of the shack. I stepped outside and found a dry desert. With absolutely nothing in sight, I craved more, so I set off on foot to find someone to give me anything to help. Bombs, broken homes, debris, and chaos echoed the town. We are a city in war. A war which has lasted many years and many to come. War
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