What I Didn 't Stop Two Older Stronger Boys?

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limits. This went on for a while, I guess you would say “escalading’. The I began to push back, by both avoiding going to their house and saying no. Then one night while delivering newspapers, I was at Packer Lane, a dead-end where I used a wooded cut through to go to the local market to by snacks (one of the benefits of being an employed 11year old). Suddenly there was Randy and Chris blocking my way. I tried to be nonchalant and not act scared, but I am sure I was. That evening at dusk I was sexually assaulted. Really I have no recollection of what I was thinking at the time. I know I didn’t scream, and I didn’t fight. Probably because that would have shown I was afraid, and being fearless was important to me. I pretty sure I couldn’t stop two older stronger boys anyway.

I did not tell my parents, or anyone else, it would have ended up being “my fault” anyway, and I knew this. I was a child so I was not privy to what took place, but in hindsight perhaps my friend had a similar predatory experience and did talk. Over time it was clear adults knew something, because I was no longer allowed to be friends with Kathy, and although my parents did not say anything, I sensed a scornful accusatory attitude from my mother.

The serial stalking and abuse continued into the Fall and early Winter. Ironically, I think one of the reasons I became such a good runner was that from that first incident onward I ran everywhere. The terrorizing shadow of never knowing when I would be…

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