What I Had A Grate Class With My Professor Mona

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I had a grate class with my Professor Mona, she was a nice instructor and she helped me to improve my English skills. For example, my weaknesses points as an English student, I’m not a good reader, I had a lot of grammatical mistakes, so she helped me by the reading assignments and she asked me to visit the writing center to improve my grammar skills. Also she helped me to improve and develop my strengths points as an English student, I’m good speaker so she improved this skill by presentation and group decision. I really appreciate her help and her support.
In this class I learned a lot of new skills such as, the rhetorical, visual argument and proposal. I would like to write about each topic individually. First topic was rhetorical essay, I loved this topic because it clarifies a lot of in the essay such as the appeals and who it is important for any paper in the future. Second topic was the visual argument, this topic helped me to create my first visual argument, present it front my classmate, and try to send my message to people. Third topic was proposal, this topic helped me by find a problem then find a solution and find a counterargument. This is helped me to look at any problem from different views. Now I’m writing the reflection (letter) to my professor, I’m so happy because I can express my feelings and express my thanks and gratitude to the best English teacher ever. I’m so glad that I’m one of her student because that allowed me to learn from her experience and

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