What I Have A Good And Bad Side

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Would I want to live to be 100? That’s an interesting question that’s very hard for me to answer each time I think about how to answer it. So, with most things in life, there’s a good and a bad side to most situations. But for me, with this certain topic, I’m not going to lie, I’m torn between which side to take. Over the years I’ve experienced some details to support these two sides of this topic ranging from music all the way to videos I’ve seen on YouTube. With each thing that I’ve experienced I took everything I was exposed into perspective and it just never really left my mind. I even thought about these involvements throughout my everyday life, making questions about what if. What I have to share with you, the reader, are my…show more content…
A band instructor who got me thinking about the answer to this topic is Mrs. Rollins. I’ve been taking lessons from her for so many years, I meet her at an old age and when I graduated she was getting older slowly becoming deaf. What have I taken from taking lessons from her for so long? I’ve taken from Mrs. Rollins is that she always tied in Christianity to music in some shape or form. Whether it was a type of rest marked on the page to playing a piece of music that was way too challenging. Apart from music, she was full of life never worried about if her time was coming to an end. All she seemed to be worried about was playing music for the Lord and being faithful with the little. I think the moment that really just stood out to me is when I was listening to her play at a concert that she hosted. Her primary instrument is the trumpet and when she played at this concert it was the best Jazz music I have ever heard played on the trumpet. I didn’t know a person at her age could play an instrument this prodigious. It further makes my choice of which answer I agree with in my chosen topic much harder. The name of the band that I was so thankful for being a part of is the Christian Big Band. This Band was directed by my band instructor mentioned in the above paragraph, and we traveled all throughout South Carolina. Now this particular band played at churches that hired us, nurseries, and retirement homes. Through this experience of playing at all these
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