What I Have About The First 10 Years Of My Life

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The first question that popped to my head: “How am I going to write my own autobiography? Quite a hard job that is! Where do I start?” Everyone has a story that is worthwhile to share. So for my folio, I decided to write a memoir to pay tribute to my dear grandmother Josiane, who provided me with pieces of a precious belonging, revealing her joyous secrets of life in the process. This purpose of this outline will cover three sections: first, you will learn what I have planned to write about, and why. Secondly, I will be a describing the techniques I have used in my Folio. And finally, learn about the difficulties encountered and which methods help me continue the project.

I was born and spent the first 10 years of my life, in Paris. My parents, originally from the island of Mauritius came to live in Paris in search of better opportunities. We lived on the outskirts of the city and on the margins of French society and culture. The colour of our skin however, meant a far different reality for us. This memoir explores my compelling experience of alienation as a little girl (me) and my grandmother, contending with life between two identities. Even though Paris-born, I was not accepted at school, not French enough for my fellow Parisians. And since my parents have virtually silenced our Creole legacy hoping to become better assimilated, I had no base of traditional knowledge to fall back on for strength and guidance. I was disconnected from Mauritius’s cultural milieu and I
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