What I Have Been Taught At High School English?

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What I Have Been Taught in High School English Throughout my high school English class career, I have learned an array of concepts. Beginning with freshman year, I reviewed the basic concepts of writing and how to respond to literature. Then, in sophomore year I discovered how to write in a formal, educated manner. So far in junior year, I have learned different approaches to analyzing literary works. The key topics I have learned in high school English classes are the steps to writing and polishing a paper, how to write formally and common style and grammar mistakes. The first tactic I was taught in writing was the process. It starts with planning and leads to several drafts. Assignments and standardized tests tend to give cute, little diagrams with innovative ways to plan. I discovered as long as I plan, it does not matter how I plan. I function best writing out key points on paper and turning them into a first draft. Planning is a step I find essential to the writing process. After planning, I was taught to write the first draft. Teachers commonly said students should write a few drafts, but let us determine how many were necessary. When I write the first draft, I let everything go down on paper. It is reasonably messy, so I virtually always write a second draft. Depending on how serious the paper is, I’ll end up with 2-4 rough drafts before I turn in the final paper. I type my last draft before the final paper. Prior to that, I prefer using paper and pencil. Next comes
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