What I Have Discovered About My Discipline

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What I Have Discovered about My Discipline Each organization in the world, especially in healthcare needs to be run by a team of successful, intelligent executives. My discipline of healthcare administration is a discipline, which teaches us how to be successful managers, executives in a variety of settings, while possessing the firm and impeccable skills for such careers. As the Health administration program page on the GMU website tells us, it prepares us to be able to work in hospitals, clinics, schools, communities, home care, long-term care, employee health, and managed care organizations; group medical practices; manufacturing, medical technology, and supply organizations; advocacy organizations and professional associations; the…show more content…
I have also discovered that within my discipline, there are advisors set up, who are ready to assist us through mentoring and other ways, especially here at GMU in the Health Administration and Policy Department. My discipline also has excellent opportunities for us to study or intern abroad, and as well as for performing student researches and ways for us to access the best career opportunities. There are plenty, remarkable areas in my discipline of Health Administration, which I have learned about through research and would like to share through this essay, in order to confirm my certainty of majoring in this discipline. I have discovered through research, that my discipline of Health Administration is associated with several professional associations. For example, if we focus on Healthcare administration only in Virginia, I’ve learned about associations such as the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), the Virginia Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (VaSHHRA) and Virginia Health Information (VHI). With a membership that encompasses more than 200 of the premier healthcare management/administration education programs in North America, the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, fosters excellence and innovation in health management and policy education and scholarship, and promotes the value of university-based management education for leadership
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