What I Have Had Much Knowledge?

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I have never had much knowledge on any other religions or ideals other than Christianity because that is how I was raised. The extent of my knowledge of Buddhism was that of the “figurines” that they seemed to worship. Even that knowledge is not completely accurate. Being exposed to an Eastern Psychology class has and will be beneficial to develop my view of the world and the people in it. From the knowledge I have obtained so far from this class and article, I will discuss some of the more major ideas presented. As an American, it is sometimes hard to grasp the concept of Buddhism because our society has placed in our heads an “all about me” mentality. We have so many desires and cravings in our lives that it is difficult to focus our minds on being wholly selfless. The Buddhist way to selflessness and free of suffering is shown through the three characteristics of existence. The first characteristic, anicca, discusses how the world is always changing, and that this impermanence is neither good nor bad. Things in this world just are. This is a very interesting concept that has been contemplated by many thinkers, dating all the way back to Greek philosophers, such as Aristotle. It has risen questions such as “If things just are, where does a divine power fit in to the equation?”, “If things are always changing, do we have control over the change?”, or “If the world just is, do we have a purpose?” The idea of being a part of change is this world is quite troubling for…

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