What I Have Learned About Culture

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My Reflection What I Have Learned About Culture Global Marketing was a fundamental educational component for my overall understanding of how culture affects a business. A major way in which this class has affected my thought process, is that today, I put much more emphasis on the importance of culture. I have noticed this change in my work for other courses as well, in the sense that I consider whether business decisions make sense from a cultural aspect. I also found it insightful to discover that I cannot only apply this to cultures in respect to countries, but also when speaking of corporate cultures and cultures related to specific industries, such as food culture or beauty culture. I have learnt that it is all about finding the right balance between standardization and adaptation and that ignoring either is detrimental to a business’ success. I believe that this balance between standardization and adaptation does not only apply to marketing in the business world, but also to how I choose to present myself as a person. I have come to see that as a person, and particularly as an international student, there will be countless of situations in which I will need to adapt to the people I am working with in order to facilitate effective teamwork. On the other hand, I recognize that as much as I may adapt, my value system is something that is so deeply ingrained, that it will always be a part of how I standardize my identity. Just like how a business can gain scalability
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