What I Have Learned About Diversity Management

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Diversity in the workplace has been a very knowledgeable course in which sometimes I have been challenged on my own thought process and beliefs. As I move forward in my studies and life I plan to expand my awareness of recognize my own ethnocentricities and respect the benefits of other cultures diverse values and behaviors. As I make the move into management I plan on applying what I have learned about diversity management and how as stated in (Canas & Sondak, 2014)creates not only a competitive advantage in consumer markets but an environment in which differences are “valued and allowed to influence positively [organizational members’] experience in and contribution to the work of the organization. Looking back on my research paper when deciding what company to choose my audit for I found each company has the same concept that would be they could change the world through diversity in the workplace. I plan on taking this business belief and applying it to my company and show the success that it has brought to other companies. I would like to expand my awareness on the laws and regulations in diversity laws and regulations so not to make a mistake and unintentionally discriminate against someone. I would apply my knowledge of the two types of sexual harassment that came out of the Supreme Court case Meritor Savings Bank vs. Vinson, as stated in (Powell, 2011) in quid pro quo sexual harassment, the harasser asks the victim to participate in sexual activity in return for
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