What I Have Learned About Privacy And Security

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I have learned there is extremely more to the HIM department than I realized. This HIM department located at Sykes is the main location for all of the Northern regions HIM needs. I was able to learn that the HIM department helps answer frequently asked questions and concerns regarding the HIM processes in addition to indicating opportunities where they can facilitate effective outcomes dealing with patient satisfaction. In the future AMG wants to be paperless, also for the health information functions to be efficient, making more use of their EMR automation. The HIM department is also divided into smaller sections: loose report transport, scanning, release of information, record management, and duplicate accounts. Over the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to observe and actually do several of the tasks of the ROI department. In the classroom, we discussed HIPAA regulations when it comes to ROI functions, however; actually seeing it in practice reinforces what I was taught in class about privacy and security. ROI is a very complex process; a person needs to be mindful when releasing patient’s personal health information and that all requests submitted are HIPAA compliant. There are two authorization forms one that is for the release of standard health information and a special authorization for some patients with some information dealing with mental health, HIV test results, treatment for alcohol, or drug abuse. A good deal of time goes into reading subpoenas

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