What I Have Learned And How It Will Assist Me

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What I Have learned and How It Will Assist Me In studying for the Priesthood, it is very necessary to have a background in Human Psychology. In everyday ministry the Priest works with people on a one on one and group basis. It is essential that when working for the good of others you understand their make-up and can offer the correct support, help, and recommendations. For the health of the person’s spiritual life we need to also look after their psychological life. Throughout this course, the information taught was extremely valuable and was a great overview of the different aspects of the Human Psychology. It was a difficult task to limit myself to just five aspects because I feel that all aspects will assist me in my ministry.
First, I would need to say attraction and love (Module 451). In today’s society when the divorce rate is so high and people are struggling in their relationships, the Priest is the final gatekeeper to prepare the couple for marriage and point out any problems that may be seen. The Priest is responsible to explain the laws and rules of the Church and to get as much background as possible on the couple’s relationship. He also must determine if the love the couple has is a fading, eros, superficial, passionate love or has matured into a lifelong, agape, self-giving, self-sacrificing, companionate love. Second, because the Priest is alone or only has one other Priest in a Parish, he needs help in running all the different ministries. This is
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