What I Hope to Accomplish- Personal Narrative Essay

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What I Hope to Accomplish- Personal Narrative There are many things that I hope to accomplish and do when I get older. I want to improve and accomplish different things for myself in my career that I choose, in my material goals, and spiritually. I'm looking at the year of 2009, I will be out of college and be on my feet, hopefully. I have high expectations for myself and hope to accomplish as many of my dreams and goals as I can throughout my life. First off, I want to graduate from college and do it well. I want to be able to do things on the weekends and not worry about having to make things up or anything like that. I am hoping for a scholarship in football, in my opinion that would be a great start for me in college.…show more content…
I don't care what it is I do I want to be able to live in a warm environment. I would want to work with my family or friends. I know I could trust people like that, and rely on them to run or work in my business the way I would want them to. In the other careers I wouldn't want to be in a place where I wasn't appreciated. If I was to be a trainer or therapist I would like to be in a place that I am familiar with. I don't really want to go to somewhere that was all new to me. I want the school that I go to be fun. I wan tot be able to go to parties and then still be able to do my school work. I'm not interested in not having fun. I ant to be at a school that I'm familiar with and one that will help me to achieve my goals. It would also be nice if I was able to go to school with some people that I am close to. This will make it easier for me to handle all the problems that people go through in college and not feel stupid talking about them. I chose these goals for myself because I think that they are the best for me. I didn't choose them because of a parent pushing me to do them like some other people do. I want to live the rest of my life the way I want to and not the way someone else sees fit for me. I think I can succeed in anything I really put my mind and heart to. If I don't think I can do it then I usually don't. With the goals that I've chosen for myself I can say that I will put my mind and heart into them. I also think that I
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