What I Know Now 2

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Urban education takes place in context of large cities. On an average of 64 percent of students receive free or reduced priced lunches, which indicates that their families are at or near the federal poverty level (Hudley, 2013). Which means there is a greater percentage of students who are considered low-income and there are factors that impact their education in a negative manner and examples of such factors will be later revealed in this paper. My goal is to become an effective urban teacher who can make a difference in the classroom and provide low-income students the same equal opportunity to gain knowledge and to become self-sufficient and active members in their communities. I now know, in order to make a difference in urban education there is major work ahead of me. I am currently seeking my master’s in urban education. I have completed my first semester in Langston’s Masters of Education program and my objective is to successfully complete the urban education program. I currently have a better understanding of how to prepare graduate level papers, the definition of urban education and factors associated with urban education which are the Board of Education’s role, Socio-economics of urban students that impact leaning, and attributes of effective urban savvy teachers to name a few.
Initially, it was a challenge to learn the APA style format which is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences, prepare research papers,
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