What I Learned About Anthropology And Learned Valuable Lessons

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I had the pleasure of interviewing two accomplished and fascinating applied anthropologists. I chose these two anthropologists not only because Dr. Wallace recommended them, but also because they work in my fields of interest. The first interview I conducted was anthropologist Dr. Jason Lind, he is currently a qualitative health researcher for the prestigious Veterans Association. The second interview I had was with anthropologist Dr. Kathryn Kozaitis, she is currently a professor and chair at Georgia State University. Throughout the process of both interviews Dr. Jason Lind and Dr. Kathryn Kozaitis give me an inside look at applied anthropology and provide me with advice as I continue my college career. Both interviews helped me gain a better understanding of applied anthropology and learned valuable lessons. I asked both anthropologists the same questions because I wanted to see if there were any major differences in their answers. Surprisingly, they both had similar answers to most of the questions. I asked them questions about the differences between applied and non-applied research in anthropology, their job satisfaction, background data, ethical issues, key skills for an anthropologist, and their recommendations for me and others who want to pursue a career as an anthropologist. I found it especially interesting that both Dr. Lind and Dr. Kozaitis come from different backgrounds but are both united by the same principles and share a lot of the same interests.…

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