What I Learned About Leadership From Nelson Mandela

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“What I Learned about Leadership from Nelson Mandela”.
Larissa Carter
Administrative Leadership PA562
Instructor: John Nesbitt
May 2, 2015

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Introduction on Leadership of Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela was the first Black President of South Africa that helped end
Apartheid in South Africa. As stated, his political activity started when the apartheid policy of racial segregation won the elections (Nelson Mandela Leadership 2015). When he began to realize nonviolence would not suffice, he resorted to guerrilla warfare to achieve his means.
As stated, United States deemed Mandela as a terrorist and refused him entry (Nelson Mandela
Leadership 2015). Nelson Mandela demonstrated The Five Practices Exemplary Leadership by
Kouzes and Posner which are the best leadership experiences (Kouzes and Posner 2007, 14).
Background of Nelson Mandela The history of Nelson Mandela states, after being on the run for 17 months, he was captured and imprisoned for 27 years, and he was released on February 11, 1990 (Nelson
Mandela Leadership 2015). It states South Africa’s
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