What I Learned About Leatership

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What I Learned About Leadership Introduction Before taking this course, I was under the assumption that people were either born leaders or they weren’t. Through learning from authors like Robert Quinn, James Hunter, and many others, I have realized that developing into a leader is a process that anyone can submit themselves to, regardless of background. Looking at the examples of Jesus and other famous leaders has helped me realize what this process of becoming a leader looks like. As I said before, people are not born as “leaders” or “not leaders”, but rather I have learned that most all of us exist in the normal state of leadership for most of our lives. As we grow and mature our goal as Christians is to transcend into the fundamental…show more content…
When Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the dead, he invited his disciples to unbind him from his bandages. This is also what Christ is doing in my life, bringing those around me to life and inviting me to work with him. To reflect him also means that I myself am to extend the invitation to participate in the vision of the church. It is very clear that Jesus mentored, prayed with, and taught those who accepted his invitation. As we have learned in this class, mentoring is a crucial part of leadership. As it was in Jesus’ time, mentoring requires patience and time but results in a transformation of those within our sphere of influence. Another major way that Christ transcended the fundamental state was by how he disturbed the system. During his ministry he did not adapt himself to the current system or resist trying to change things. He understood the urgency of the Kingdom of God and that urgency compelled him to shake things up. He wasn’t going to settle for half-hearted devotion or a lack of faith. This upset a lot of people—even to the point where they called for his crucifixion. But I have learned that this is what a true leader does. A true leader doesn’t fear change or upsetting people, but rather he or she is so devoted to the vision that they are committed to transformative, holistic, and deep change, no matter the cost. Jesus struck the perfect balance of utterly loving the people around him and constantly calling them to obedience to the vision.

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