What I Learned About Magic

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I used to not believed in mythical creatures, magic, or spirits, I never liked the movies or books with fairies, curses, or evil. I always thought that it was nonsense that only 5 year olds believed in. For me, magic was a silly form of entertainment that made you gape with fake amazement at a carnival or magic show. Maybe it was the fact that I refused to believe that forced me into this mess in the first place, or maybe it was just destined to happen. But either way, I learned my lesson the hard way. It all began on my summer vacation to see my grandparents in Egypt when I was 13. As I got off the airplane, with my small blue suitcase in one hand and my computer bag in the other, I saw my grandparents in the distance and began to head over to them. They stood in the corner of the airport waving furiously at me. This was the first time I had come to Egypt alone. For the last few years since my grandparents moved to Egypt I had come with my mom and dad. But, things were different now, dad was fighting in the army, and mom was busy at her new job. With both parents, busy and working there was no one to care for me. Their solution to this problem, send me to Egypt to live with my grandparents for the summer. This was fine by me however, because I loved Egypt. I was right at home amongst the tall sand dunes and the small bustling streets. As I neared my grandparents, my grandmother said, “Sage! It is so good to see you! How is life back in the States?” Before I could…
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