What I Learned About Magic

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I used to not believed in mythical creatures, magic, or spirits, I never liked the movies or books with fairies, curses, or evil. I always thought that it was nonsense that only 5 year olds believed in. For me, magic was a silly form of entertainment that made you gape with fake amazement at a carnival or magic show. Maybe it was the fact that I refused to believe that forced me into this mess in the first place, or maybe it was just destined to happen. But either way, I learned my lesson the hard way. It all began on my summer vacation to see my grandparents in Egypt when I was 13. As I got off the airplane, with my small blue suitcase in one hand and my computer bag in the other, I saw my grandparents in the distance and began to…show more content…
My grandfather followed behind with my suitcase. The whole car ride grandmother chattered on and on about all of the great places we could go see, including a newly discovered pyramid and sphinx. After we pulled up to the small square house that my grandparents were renting, I headed up stairs to my room in the attic. I put my suitcase and computer bag on the floor and plopped into an old bean bag chair in the corner of the room. As I looked around the room, still crowded with unpacked boxes I saw an old box in the corner that seemed to glow with an eerie light. I heaved myself up off of the bean bag chair and opened the box. Inside were 2 orbs, 1 was a bright gold while the other was a metalic blue color. Carefully, I picked up both orb began to walk towards my bed, but on my way I tripped over my suit case and face planted on the floor. The orbs in my hands shattered. As I picked myself and began to collect the broken pieces of glass, I realized the glass was moving. The glass seemed to be melting forming 2 distinct shapes. In a few minutes 2 human figures had formed, one with golden hair and the other with metalic blue eyes. The people looked to be teenagers like me. The kid with metalic blue eyes took 1 glance at me, then at the girl next to her and took off. She jumped through the small window in the corner and disappeared through the busy streets. The other girl, with golden hair, chased
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