What I Learned About Meeting With Parents

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What I learned about teacher reporting to parents is to give the parents a better idea of their child's strength and weakness. According, to The Power of Portfolios is that meeting with a child's parent it will give the parent a better idea how their child acts with others and how they participate in class. Also, The Power of Portfolios says that a meeting with the parents it gives them a first chance to help make the child's weakness into a type of strength but also a way for the parents to think of ways to get the child to work with them to make those weaknesses. According to Choosing an Appropriate Assessment System it is an important decision t meet with the parents because to talk about how their child scored on the assessment and what we can work on at home and at school to improve those scores.…show more content…
According to Reporting Classroom Behavior to the Parents they talked about behavior and how that some behavior you have to talk about with the child's parent to figure out if this child is miss behaving because they want attention, love or even just someone to talk to and help them to make a better choice and not get in trouble but when you meet with the parents you can talk about how these may be the cause of their child's miss behavior and you can suggest somethings they can do at home and things we could do at school to change their child's behavior. When yoiu are reporting classroom behavior to the parents this is important because it will give the teacher and parents a idea that how they act at home is how they act at school and how we can change or fix the environment so that the behavior would change from a negative behavior to a possitve behavior at home and at
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