What I Learned About My English Class During My Senior Year Of High School

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Over the course of time, I have learned that learning is essential if you want to be successful. Whether it is about life skills or school, learning is a habit that everyone uses in a way to become successful. One of my main goals is to obtain the most out of college so that I can input what I learn in school in the outside world. Meaning that I want to learn as much as I possibly can in any course, especially in this course. I expected this course to be a review of my English class during my senior year of high school, but I extended on what I had previously learned about English. As this semester of ENG 111 ends, I can say that I have improved skills that involve grammar, structuring a paragraph with supporting details, and opening my…show more content…
Reading about music, or anything that caught my interest, also changed the way I felt about reading. I could even consider myself a fluent reader at this point of life and only plan on improving. Improvement to my grammar is the second area I’ve developed in this course. “It’s the little things that matter”, said by many people, and the way this relates to my second reasoning is due to the fact little grammatical errors matter too. When writing papers, I learned the skill to reread my sentences repeatedly, and see if it sounds right as an overall sentence. This skill, not only helped improve my writing, but also my texting. Improving my grammar is also useful when creating a resume, and applying for jobs and even scholarships. Overall, it is a skill I am pleased I learned to develop, and hope it improves even more over time. When it comes to thinking of how I should structure a song, I think of how I structure a paragraph. Over the course of time I learned new ways to add ideas onto a paragraph that relate to my topic. Many of my friends always complain about how their essays require so many words to write about, and question how they’re going to come up with supporting details and ideas related to the topic. I always explain to my friends how I never seem to struggle with supporting details or ideas because I always find a way to relate to the topic. I am proud I was given this natural gift because I

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