What I Learned About My Life

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I lay there just looking at him, taking him in for a few minutes. Finally, I broke from staring at him and put my hand on his chest. I leaned into him and started kissing his neck and the side of his face. David stirred and pulled me to him. I just kept kissing his neck and his chest. He slid his arm under me and in an instant he had me on my back, and he was on top of me. When he made love to me, I was gone, gone from everything. There was only he and I and everything else fell away. I had no words to describe what I was like when I was alone with him. Lying in his arms afterward, it took me a few minutes to come back down and settle back into the real world. I knew I had come to get him up and get him ready for dinner. “Are you feeling better? Is your headache gone?” I asked him. “I feel much better. I think I just needed to sleep.” “We’re going at a crazy pace. We’re going to need a staycation to recover from our vacation when we get home.” “A staycation?” “Yeah, that’s when you take time off to just stay home.” “Is that a real thing?” “Of course it’s a real thing. Look it up.” He chuckled and held me tight. “Charlie and I found a nice place for dinner. He’s getting ready right now, and we need to get ready too.” “Sounds good. I’m hungry. Let’s go take a shower and get ready.” David and I took a shower together and under the cascading water; I told him all about the cathedral and our day. I was still surprised he left us alone. He seemed okay with it and seemed

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