What I Learned About My Life

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One thing I enjoyed learning is cooking. I have had a liking for cooking since I was very young. I remember that every Christmas I will ask my parents to buy me little pots and pans, plastic food and kitchen sets. During the afternoon I use to play restaurant with my nanny and make little menus for her. Cooking has been a thing that came naturally to me, and something that I really enjoyed doing.

The things I know about cooking I learned while watching my mother cook and reading recipes online. I also took a culinary arts class during high school and thought of becoming a chef, but my passion in life is psychology. Another thing that helped me learn how to cook was simply practicing in the kitchen, following recipes and going with my instinct based on the things I had learned. Now that I know how to cook, I try to pass my knowledge on to my friends and even to the person that taught me most of the things I know, my mother.

2. With a focus on the information or skill identified in Step 1, write answers to each of the following questions. Use a separate sentence or paragraph for each answer.
a. How did you gather the information or skills you needed to learn this? (Collect)
I learned the skills to cook mainly from watching my mother make everyday meals, and listening to her tell me what ingredients work well for a particular meal. Also, I learned about many ingredients used to cook from going with her to the supermarket, and becoming a cashier at my local supermarket which…
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