What I Learned About My Time

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When I walked into class and saw this daunting project sitting on my desk, I was in shock. No teacher has ever asked me to do an assignment requiring the level of work that this portfolio required. While no one component seemed too difficult, all of them together seemed impossible. However, in reflection I see that this portfolio was only as difficult as I sought to make it; if I approached each section with an open mind, a plan, and a schedule, it was rather easy to complete this assignment.
While completing this portfolio, I had to learn how to manage my time. Now, as I am typing this over a week before this project is due, I am glad I did not procrastinate as many of my peers did. Most of them are still scrambling to finish with the deadline fast approaching. I also learned more than I imagined I would about our government, especially in the projects concerning local government. I knew that local government was important, but did not realize the magnitude of its impact on daily life. The actions of local representatives affect the quality of roads, the tax we pay on meals, the cost of water and electricity, the number of teachers in school, the amount of supplies those teachers have, and what recreational and community opportunities are available to our community. Attending the government meetings and interviewing local leaders provided the most insight into governmental workings. Talking with Mayor Coleburn taught me that the mayor does not “run the town” like
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