What I Learned About Myself By Prentice Hall Self- Assessment

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As we learned from Project 1 employee personalities have a dynamic effect on an organization’s culture, thus supporting the idea that organizational culture has a significant impact on employee performance. In today’s business world more and more organizations are seeking ways to incorporate self-appraisal and personality assessments into their hiring decisions. Robbins and Judge’s chapter on personality and values highlights how tools such as the Myers-Briggs type indicator and the Big Five Personality Model are helping employers to determine if an employee’s personality will fit into their organizational culture (2009). Assessments on employee behavior supply employers with a broader perspective on how the employee views their performance as well as provide insight on employee values. Self-assessment provides formative and summative feedback which employers may use to identify an employee’s strengths and weakness. From this they are able to assign tasks that will best support an employee’s workplace performance. This paper will discuss what I learned about myself by Prentice Hall Self- Assessment. Good but should be in the past tense Keywords: self-assessment, self-appraisal, personality job-fit 1. Part I: “What about me?” Needs work on headings Personality Insights Results from Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment Online Library indicated that my My Jungian 16-Type Personality was that of an ‘ENFP’ (Pearson Education

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