What I Learned About The God 's Salvation

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Name: Mikenley Lundy Final exam essay I would like to start with a famous quote wrote by Albert Einstein, he said: “Education is not learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” This quote just explain how my mind was able to understand deeply the doctrine of Salvation taught by my favorite professor in the seminary Dr Martin Hanna. from the beginning of this class until the last the word of God was our tool to grasp the complexity of the gift of salvation accomplish by Jesus at the cross. When Dr Hanna started his first lecture I was very influenced by the way he communicates the word of God to us. If someone ask me today to describe Dr Hanna, I will say my professor knows the Word, he studies the word and he can preach the word. It was a great learning experience for me. therefore, I propose to write in essay about things I used to learn about the God’s salvation and what I actually learn in this amazing class. First let me begin with things I used to hear or learn about the doctrine of salvation. I grow up in a conservative church where they believe in salvation by work which mean the believer has to do something for his personal life in order to make God’s happy or to have the assurance of our salvation. They also believe that people who refuse to observe the ten commandment specially the Sabbath can’t be saved or those who are not vegan will not be saved. I try my best to follow everything they have teach me through Sabbath school lesson, sermon, and

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