What I Learned About Yourself As You Completed The Lassi Inventory

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1. Attitude 95%
2. Self-testing 90%
3. Information Processing 80%
4. Select the Main Idea 80%
5. Study Aids 80%
6. Test Strategies 80%
7. Motivation 70%
8. Time Management 65%
9. Communication 45%
10. Concentration 30%
11. Anxiety 30%


B. Evaluation: Write a detailed paragraph in which you explain what you learned about yourself as you completed the LASSI Inventory, reviewed your results, and rated your skills in the exercise above. Your response should be a minimum of 10 complete sentences.

On completion of the LASSI Inventory, I learned that I have four modules that have the same score. I found that three of the modules could cause me to be stressed out. Those were Anxiety, Concentration, and Communication. These modules relate to me because sometimes I find myself getting distracted a lot from my school work and studies by my surrounds. I scored low on the Communicating modules as well. Communication has always been a bit of a struggle for me as a child and even as an adult I sometimes find myself struggling with it. I also learned that Anxiety often decreases a student ability to demostrate a true level of knowledge and skill. With my anxiety being so low that probably explains why I’m so easily distracted. It seems that I’m not struggling with the ability to prepare myself for studying as far as coming up with study materials. It would be helpful for me to use some of the information I learned to help me better deal with my weakness. The LASSI Inventory has

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