What I Learned As Right And Wrong

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I believe it’s where one comes from, where they grow up and whom they grew up with that one learns how to act, think, behave and gets an identity. In general the environment shapes and influences a person. Growing up in a third world country, Kenya, what I learned as right and wrong was merely based on what my grandmother who raised me saw and knew. She taught me how to act and behave based on what she knew people would accept in the society. The wrongs I came to learn slowly as I grew up and got punished for. I never wanted to disappoint her, as she was a very hardworking and a never quitting woman. This is where by story begins. I vividly remember, when I was ten years old coming home from school expecting her to be at home waiting for…show more content…
By the way her smile changed to a frown and her veins began to show on her face, one could tell that she was angry beyond angry. She loudly called my name and when I approached her I started to shake, this is where it broke down to me that I had done something terribly wrong and there was nothing I could say or do that would get me out of this situation. To me, I think my actions were very much justifiable but according to my grandmother, my actions were an act of defiance. Yes, breaking the window and taking the money was wrong, but that was the only option I had, to help defeat my starvation and escapes my dilemma. In actuality this issue of making such conclusions without been able to come up with a specific reason as to why, is what eludes and makes Steven Pinker a Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and author of The Moral Instinct which talks about morality and how this issue of it is very difficult to unfold, states “ Its not just the content of our moral judgment that is often questionable, but the way we arrive at them. We like to think that when we have a conviction there are good reasons that drove us to adopt it”(Pinker: Reasoning and Rationalizing). This means that, our decisions, conclusions, judgments are actually influenced or shaped by something. Something in us makes us differentiate that this is right and this is wrong. By having different convictions and knowing our moral judgment, what in us
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