What I Learned At My Senior Year I

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Waiting in line to go through customs I didn 't want to think about all all the things I would have to do. Support myself financially, find a place to live, figure out how to start college. It all seemed overwhelming. I immigrated on my own to US when I was seventeen. The transition was difficult, and I considered returning back to India. Even though it would have been easier to return, staying provided better opportunities. As I grappled with my new environment and struggled to acclimate. Two experiences played a pivotal role in shaping my character. First, the support I received from family and friends. The second, my work with adolescent youth. Through these I understood the importance of support and the joy of providing it. The lessons I learned here led me down many paths, but ultimately to medicine.

During my senior year I started giving medicine serious thought. Providing support to refugee youth in San Diego as they dealt with challenges from ethical conundrums to dealing with a serious illness in the family, made me contemplating the career path I was on. Pouring over research papers trying to figure out yet another method to drive a reaction to completion didn 't satisfy me the way it used to. The fragmented approach I was taking ,with my intellectual interests on one side, and my desire to empower on the other felt increasingly disconcerting. I turned to family for guidance. With a cousin and brother almost out of residency and medical school, I started…
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