What I Learned At My Writing Skills

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It has been a long journey this year. Learning myself and what kind of student I am is an impactful experience. My writing skills throughout the semester I believed has improved tremendously. I have also seen a During my first year at Spelman the writing skills I have acquire are organization, being more specific in my papers and how to make an argument and the correct way to utilize sources within my papers. I also developed intellectual skills, critical thinking skills and being able to connect what I learned at schools to my out of school experiences as well. I acquired the skills I have mention in my English, ADW and women studies classes. I being to learn how to be a more critical thinker. Instead of just adding sources because it sounds good I analysis what kind of source would be most relevant and supporting to my paper. As a writer I’ve notice that I have my thoughts all over the place. It was difficult for me to organize my many ideas so that it has a logical flow that readers can understand. In my English class I discovered that outlining my work before starting is one of the most important strategies as a writer that I can use. Before coming to Spelman I was introduce to outlining before I began working on a paper; however, I never took it seriously because I thought it was a waste of time and energy. My English professor has done a wonderful job at explaining and showing me how to effectively utilize outlining. Next semester I plan to use everything I have…
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