What I Learned At Northern Kentucky University's Organizational Leadership Program

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The finish line perspective, this paper will be about everything that I have learned here at Northern Kentucky University in the Organizational Leadership program. This paper will cover four parts; knowledge, skills, perspectives, future learning and growth in which I will go into detail explaining each part. This paper is to display to the reader all that I have learned with courses like, emotional intelligence, dealing with change, ethics, research methods, the art of leadership, and others. I will use these course to share the knowledge I have learned, skills I have acquired, perspectives I have gained, and what to expect in the future. I certainly have learned a great deal about organizational leadership that I could go on…show more content…
Here are some things that we talked about in class; organizational culture, different types of power, perceptions of change, forces for and against change, managing recipients of change, managing conflict, and many more. Organizational culture are the belief and values that gives away a company’s identity, and it can be spread to its employees by communicating with each other. There are four components on how an organizations culture is shaped founder’s value, business environment, national culture, and the senior leader’s vision (Zimmerman, 2015, CH 6 PPT, Slide 4). It is important to remember that an organizational culture sets its structure and how everything is conducted. Understanding the concept of an organizational culture is important when job hunting and trying to find a career. It is important that you know the organization you want to work for and understand its values and how the organization functions. I believe that by knowing this you will have a very easy time fitting into the organization. Forces for and against change, in any organization it is important to be aware of the forces and how the outcomes will be. In making a decision for change one must use the force field analysis in making a decision. This process is done by analyzing the forces for change and the forces restraining change and then weighing their outcomes, which ever one wins in favor will determine if you should make the change or keep things the same. Also
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