What I Learned At The Early World Of My Life

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“Hard Work always deserves a Top Stand” I believe that a top stand can be achieved only through the core values of hard work, determination and patience, which I learned at the early stages of my life. Since childhood, I have been fascinated to explore the world of computers. My schooling at one the top most schools provided me enough exposure to technological world very early in my life. This caught my eye and helped me choose and pursue my field of interest. For me motivation is learning or getting influenced by others. I was motivated in early stages of life after facing lot of challenges, emerging victorious, and building my goals. My mother is an important person in my life. She is a Strong, disciplined and a super woman who has spent her life in her endeavor to become a successful. Born in a middle class Indian family, she faced many challenges and overcame hurdles in life to achieve her goals. She followed her passion towards education and goal of becoming a top most scale-1 officer in a bank. Her ability and focus developed the bank business resulted in substantial growth and huge profits. She was a real inspiration and I followed her ideals in my life. My first dream project that led me to a success in establishing my skills, is the Innovative club ‘Igneous’. It was created in our college to motivate students in developing strong communication and make them efficient. The first event was a success and established in trending similar cohesive clubs in the college.

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