What I Learned At The Group

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Question 1

William: Honestly, it is refreshing to have you in the group, and if you have to leave you will surely be missed. First off, your humor and attitude has always been qualities that I have felt were great for our group. As you stated in an earlier thread, we agree and have the same perspectives on a lot of things, which has limited our interaction in the group because we wanted to limit the amount of piggybacking. Your own identification of your ability to use humor at the wrong times made me reflect on myself, and realize that I do the same, and that I may need to be more aware of the times in which I do it. William, stay motivated and encouraged, I wish you all the best.

Daniel: You were indeed a great addition to the group. You have enlightened me so much, and actually helped me see how much I have to learn about in this field, and I truly appreciate it. With all your knowledge and experience, I hope to learn more from you in the future, if possible. Working in this field, encouragement and motivation is always important because as we both know the system is quite flawed. Thanks for imparting so much knowledge this semester.

Jennifer: Second residency showed me a different side of you. In fact, talking to you allowed me to see that we have a lot in common, especially our thoughts about the program. One thing I admire about you is your consistency with the threads; I can always count on you to have your post up on Thursday. Also, the initiative you take to
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