What I Learned During The Leadership Fundamentals Course

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Introduction During the Leadership Fundamentals course of the Master of Science in Leadership, I learned the importance of how to think not what to think. I was able to take this lesson learned one step further during the Emotional Intelligence course by learning the importance and methods of considering how others think and feel in regards to my behavior, actions, or communication. In this paper, I will summarize the key principles that I learned during the Leading Change course and describe how the course contributed to my building a holistic understanding of leadership by identifying concepts that improved my knowledge the most. Finally, I will describe strengths, areas of improvement, and a targeted improvement plan that will assist me in achieving excellence in leadership. A Deliberate Approach to Change One of the most important concepts that I learned about during the Leading Change course is that leaders must take a deliberate approach to change. Leaders use this approach because it involves thorough planning and purpose-driven actions that lead to the desired end state rather than leave the fate of the organization to happenstance. One of the primary models that we learned about during Leading Change is John Kotter’s Eight-Stage Process (2012). This model offers an organizational change template that addresses both the people and the processes of an organization so that leaders can pursue change effectively. Creating Urgency, Building Teams and Establishing
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