What I Learned During This Counseling And Communication Skills

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Communication and dialogue can be challenging. I learned a lot about communication and it’s subtleties in COUN 506. During this course I worked on acquiring basic counseling and communication skills, have an awareness of multicultural differences, awareness of professional identity and have a basic understanding of the dynamics in psychotherapy. Each week I was asked to hold counseling sessions with my peers and other week we taped our counseling session for review and transcription. During these tapings I was asked to demonstrate communication and counseling skills learned in this course. I was also expected to transcribe five minutes of taping as well as submit a reflection paper with my transcription and tape. In this paper, I will discuss some of the things I learned during this counseling and communications class. My experience coming into this class, some of the skills I learned, and a few of the things I found helpful. Experience Coming into this counseling course I had little practice in the counseling role with adults. I was nervous and uncomfortable coming into this class. Knowing that I was to be analyzed and taped during counseling sessions was the source of my nervousness and discomfort. My counseling skills were minimal and I was conscious of the fact that I was a complete novice in the counseling role. I needed to learn basic therapeutic factors (Young, 2013) and gain practice in order to feel comfortable in my counseling skills with adults. Furthermore,

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