What I Learned From Atem

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STEM has made a major impact on me this year. It has taught me many important life skills that I will need in the future, from how to change a drill bit to how to make a hydroponics system. One very important skill was problem solving. For example, if a piece of wood was cut the wrong way we would have to figure out how to make do of it. This is an important life skill because not everything will end up going perfect and you will need to know how to fix it. Another skill I learned from STEM is how to use a bunch of different tools. I learned how to use a circular saw, miter saw, table saw, and many more. This would be important because if I ever need to fix anything in the future I will know how to use the tools to fix it. As you can see, STEM has taught me many different life skills that I will need in life.…show more content…
For instance, I learned all about hydroponics before building our hydroponics system.Hydroponics is important because it shows people how you can grow plants with just water and sunlight. I think that it is an interesting fact to know that you can grow plants without soil. Also, STEM enriched my learning by teaching me how to assemble a picnic table, cornhole boards, build a miniature bridge, and building an outdoor classroom and cafeteria. While building the bridge it helped me be able to make a plan and write a check properly. Writing a check properly is very important because you will need to eventually have to pay your bills/mortgage in the future. I never would have learned these skills in any ordinary class. Therefore, STEM has enriched my learning and made a major impact on
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