What I Learned From Culture

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At the beginning of the semester, I would have said my culture was African American mixed with a portion of Caucasian. The understanding of culture was from my two families who cultures have different values and beliefs. I am still confused on what precisely my culture means, but I am learning additional about my culture through my life experiences. Culture can remain educated from many different things such as communication, language, and the similarities among cultures. What I learned from culture is to become patience and understanding of other culture’s and people who have a dissimilar culture from me. Another thing that I learned from culture is the diverse meaning of words and signs. For an example holding up the index and middle finger means peace in the United States, but, showing these fingers in another country can have a different understanding. In Australia holding up these two fingers (the peace symbols) can mean “up yours”. Understanding of cultures was definite by beliefs and values among two different families, involvements were created and where I had to go from here to understand my own culture. Previously, when I took this class my meaning of culture was if the people surrounding me was different from black than they were white. Growing up in the streets of Chicago my mom continuously told me that if people were different from black than they were white but, my mom failed to tell me was that there are other ethnic groups that are different from being
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