What I Learned From Experience

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Explain one activity or event you were involved in that you feel that you have learned from. Describe how you have used what you learned from the experience.

A. One event that I was involved in that I have learned from is becoming a patrol leader in Boy Scouts. Currently, I am still a patrol leader and I like to think that it is because of my outstanding leadership skills. I learned a lot of things and continue to learn how to be a great leader. One of the most important skills that I learned while leading my patrol was how to get your patrol to follow directions. It's actually a two step process. Step one is to make sure that your patrol is paying attention to you while you are speaking. This requires making things interesting to
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That way the students would be able to choose things that they like. We could come up with ideas for floats for homecoming and instead of deciding ourselves we could publish it in the newspaper. We could also give it a catchy name like “Surveys for Stars”

Ammar Ladhani
2167 Sutton Dr.
St. Charles, IL 60132
Purpose Statement A student who is longing to bring out his full potential by becoming a student council representative.
Highlights of Qualifications:
Has subsequent knowledge of leadership due to currently being the Boy Scout Patrol Leader.
Is very creative and hungry to learn what student council is all about
Remarkable knowledge of all subjects. I am in all of the most advanced classes, so rest assured I will add more brains than needed to student council.
Proficient in operating a computer and using standard computer software.
Ability to make public speeches to anyone. I love to speak my opinion out to the public.
Able to lift very heavy things and am willing to help as much as possible.
Professional Experience:
Student Council Vice President
Haines Middle School – St. Charles, IL
August 2014 – June 2015
Organized most activities of the student council.
Had to work with the budget of the student
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