What I Learned From Imran Hussein

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Usually authors refers to business plan usage as a documentation, a funding proposal for start-ups or in an established business projects, as a part of approval process of a collective decision making for (loans or source of capital justification) or an operational management tool (Stutely,2007). Others like Kuratko (2009) emphasised on business plan importance as it is the road map for entrepreneurs in their proposed ventures. From my experience during this course, I agree with all of the above but I see that business planning processes which give entrepreneurs the chance to know how to anticipate market behaviour such as cash flow numbers, product pricings and so on, are the first steps towards the business world. My group work helped me develop these processes through critical thinking, enhancing my writing skills, enabling creativity by exchanging experiences and brainstorming sessions. For example, I learned from Imran Hussein how to write in a more precise structure and also Alex Malygin influenced my perspective of creativity through his ability to persuade others with his arguments’ techniques even though language might be a barrier sometime. In this essay I will talk about my personal learning experience in developing business plans module starting from my theoretical understanding of business plan and then deployment of these theories into business plan of our project feedforthoughts. As apart of developing my critical thinking I will add an

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