What I Learned From My Childhood

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My interest in cultures started in my childhood. I was intrigued by the people and customs that were different from my own. I treated this interest as a hobby until I started to attend college when I took an anthropology class. The anthropology class made me realize that I could mold my interests into a career, but I didn’t really know how. What I did know was that I was passionate about my studies and that culture was important, even outside of what my first Anthropology professor called the “For Your Information Field.”. If there was one thing that I learned from every culturally focused class, it was that the culture a person lives in is a part of them. Our brains are marinated in our culture from the moment that we are born. When I had this realization, it was a natural progression for me to consider the role of culture in pre-college education in the context of the U.S. as a multicultural country and an increasingly globalized world. It is with this in mind that I pursued a Bachelor’s of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies combining primarily Anthropology and Cultural Studies and wish to pursue a Masters of Teaching to become the best educator I can be. I began working on my Interdisciplinary Studies Degree in Marylhurst University’s undergraduate program with the idea that, together Anthropology and Cultural Studies – themselves interdisciplinary in nature – would complement each other and give me the ability to focus on both the overview of culture as well as the
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