What I Learned From My Coaching

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Tesha Ruley Reflection I really came into this session with an open mind especially considering a longtime friend and former colleague, who was also a social studies teacher, just started his first year as an elementary school principal and has enjoyed the transition greatly. The one collective point I got from her is how important leadership is and how intently she has tried to model leadership in her school systems. The simple issue of how to institute one’s identity into the principal or administrative setting seemed to loom over my decision to attend the IPLA. One lesson I learned from coaching, albeit a little late for my coaching career, was that doing things the way they had always been done is not necessarily the best or correct way. I assumed that as I took over the head coaching job with a group of coaches that I had coached with for years that the only way to continue was down the same path that had lead us to where we were. I learned after 4 years that I should have made my identity part of the position rather than co-exist with the previous head coach’s identity. I never really gave myself a chance to succeed my way. If I had a second chance, I would take a very different approach but this has led to a lot of apprehension for me about my administrative success. One thing that I took away from the day was a vast collection of reading material that could be helpful to me. As a principal I will need to try and remain up to date with new practices and even
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